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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


In the 20th Century the Surrealist movement brought individual abstract visuals into a recognizable form. Though I am not much of an artist, Tondar has always found an outlet for his abstract thoughts through epic fantastic dreams. Often these dreams contain a great deal of action in a very serious story line. For example you may remember my dream based on the gates of hell.

Recently, I had 2 amazing dreams. The first was an epic showdown where Death was chasing me. I found myself running through halls and staying one step ahead. However, Death is quite mechanical and meticulous and he eventually found me. He stood about 7 feet tall and had the classic appearance of a skeleton in black robes. Without a hint of emotion, he raised his scythe well over head and brought it crashing down upon a plastic office chair that I had picked up to wield like a shield. Of course, being a Tondar dream, it all had a very poetic feel, like German romanticism when nobody came to my defense.

The second dream, transported me through time to the day after a large party I had thrown. I knew it was a great party because in my dream I had blacked out the actual fun part. You see, like all great epics, my dreams tend to have backstories. But since I can never actually remember the events leading up to the present moment in the dream, my mind copes by assuming that I was just really drunk and had blacked out the events (yes, the curse of The Destroyer). In this case it made sense since I had thrown a party. But the dream quickly turned to nightmare as I realized that I had somehow misplaced $300 worth of booze that I had recently bought. I didn't mind if the kids drank it up. What worried me was the fact that there weren't any empty bottles around. Had the Good Pirate been pirated? The rest of the dream was spent scrambling around what was left of "my house" as I searched for my booze. Eventually the clues pointed to thieving neighbors before I awoke.

Now the point is that the Tondar mind has it's own identity within the Tony. It creates a surreal alternative in my subconscious that comes out to play in my dreams. Now if you are familiar with the formation of Surrealism, this gap was bridged in the artworld by the Max Ernst creation of the Loplop. My recent desktop has featured probably the most famous and epic depiction of Loplop from the 1937 painting L'Ange du foyer ou Le Triomphe du surréalisme (The Angel's Home or The Triumph of Surrealism).

One can certainly see the influence of the romanticists in the moody sky. However, the bird creature combines both elements of the familiar and fantastic. Plus, if you study the individual elements of Loplop, you will see that he is actually made of abstract designs painted in 3 dimensions. One can imagine the elements of a venus flytrap just as easily as one could see laundry billowing in the breeze. Like a dream, one's interpretation of this painting is purely based on what inspires the subconscious at any fleeting moment. It's a shame Tondar doesn't have the artistic talent to properly manifest his subconscious characters and adventures.


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