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Saturday, August 02, 2008


This Friday began like many others. Ole Tondar had a butt-load of work to do. I got personally called out for not doing other peoples' jobs. After a bit of ole tattle tailin' to the Head boss I dug in. At 10 the Attorney/Owner rolled in. At 10:30 the manual workcrew rolled in. At 11 the Attorney's wife rolled in and insisted we all go to lunch.

So there I am with the owner of the company, his wife, 6'8" 300 lbs of "Tiny" and all 5 feet of his sweaty Mexican sidekick. Lunch conversation touched on business, church affairs, business owners in the neighborhood, and the oil crisis. It was quite interesting and the free lunch was quite appreciated and delightful.

Afterwards, we returned to the office where the workcrew took every piece of furniture but my desk (lamps and tables included), while Tondar scrambled to tell everybody how to do their job, so he could finish his.

At 3, the Attorney disappeared without a word. He then returned about 10 minutes later with a box full of Sonic happy-hour treats, free of charge.

From there the day rolled on as we attacked our mountain of work until 5 pm. At that point the Attorney was on the phone with the Head Boss whom he hired years ago. After a quiet discussion, he got up announced that he was "pissed" and promptly left leaving me to finish the days work on my own.

I'm not sure what happened there. But a combination of shenanigans certainly gave me a Frankofeeling for the absurdity of the post-modern workplace.


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