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Saturday, September 06, 2008


From James...

Everyone knew Washington St. would suck. NCAA violations, new coaches, sucking last year, lousy recruiting...

Man too bad I didn't have coverage of Cal dismantling Wash. St. 66-3! Damn.

Oregon St. lost something like a dozen starters, and everyone but Stewart Mandel knew they would suck. Penn St. ran up the score on 'em like it was the 80s. Damn.

And then there is West by God Virginia. Let's see, your head coach quits, and takes the o.c. with him. Special teams coach takes over. If this happened to any school, you'd say they'd take a hit. No no, rank 'em top ten, they beat Villanova. Villanova? Isn't that a car by Chevy? That's a school you say? Well blow me down. And blow down West Virginia, they got cornholed by E. Carolina. Pirates? If I knew this team existed before a week ago I'd have put money down on them, pirates are fashionable these days ye land lubber!

I don't know if you caught the Notre Dame trainwreck, but they came within a hair of losing to San Diego State. Its a good thing they didn't play Cal Poly! Man, on one hand I love seeing them suck. On the other, if we lose then we really suck. And if we win then no big deal. Anyways I'll say no more for another week.

And my poor Huskies! Screwed by the toughest schedule in college football and stupid NCAA rules on celebration. That was a bullshit call and everyone thinks so. Cost them a game, it did. I seem to like schools that wear purple?

Tres and ole Tondar started the day off watching Ohio State escape Ohio. Maybe ole Cheaty was playing it close so as not to tip his hand before Southern Cal. Either way, there was really no excuse for them to have been in that close of a game.

As for Michigan, the defense looked great. But I lost all faith that was built up in the Utah loss. This may very well end up being a long season in the end.

Finally, Tres and I enjoyed the Ole Miss, Wake Forest game. We were about to cry shenanigans as the Rebels scored a touchdown to go up by one with a minute to play. However, this was too much time as the Deacons came back down with their pro-set, no-huddle to hit a game winning field goal and show why they are the class of the ACC these days. Is it possible Michigan grabbed the wrong East Coast coach?


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