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Saturday, September 06, 2008


If I were to make a movie and dedicate it to Tres, this would be it. Of course Warner Brothers is having trouble putting together their Spike Jonze version of "Where the Wild Things Are"...

Jonze's initial idea was to shoot the wild things in nine-foot suits with animatronic faces in the jungles of Australia and New Zealand. CG-faces would be required. After a disastrous December 2007 preview of Jonze's first cut, the studio shut down the project. The movie is "dark, adult and deep," wrote Cinemaniac1979 on aint-it-cool-news, "heart-wrenching and scary. This isn't a movie for children -- it's a movie about childhood."

Jonze did reshoots a year after he first shot the movie, mostly of the young lead, Max Record. About 10 minutes were added: two scenes at the start and one at the end.

"We wanted more emotion for the story on the whole," says Warners president Jeff Robinov, who will screen the new cut this month. "He's making a Spike Jonze family movie. I can't tell you how young it's going to play or its intensity. It's magical and beautifully shot. It was a long process to end up in a good place." The visual effects won't be added until Jonze has locked the final cut.

There is one clip on the interwebs. I found it quite fascinating as it reminded me of something out of a Tondar dream ("You're right, robots are the best."). It may become the first movie I see since Dark Knight.


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