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Thursday, October 09, 2008


In another installment of James' attempt to avoid Michigan football, we look to the ACC and Wake Forest...

Here is good write-up
on Wake Forest from Dr. Saturday:

You might remember Dr. Saturday as Sunday Morning Quarterback. He was awesome. But I digress. In a league with Florida State and Miami (that Miami), Wake Forest improbably comes up on top? A Demon Deacon???

It is almost like the further east you go, the more jacked up college football becomes. Clemson and Maryland, and then WF which loses to a Navy team that passes 4 times? And outside the ACC, there is Rutgers, in a year in which Big East power West by God Virginia is faltering, starts 0-3? Thank God we didn't hire Schiano. Which reminds me we were discussing the merits of the schematic pendulum swinging out to now favor smash mouth 3 yards and a cloud of dust football during the golden age of the spread. I dunno about that, but Navy doth intrigue.

I have heard that Schiano is having trouble finding recruits because first of all it is Rutgers. Secondly, he has 1 foot out the door ready to sweep Paternito out of Happy Valley when Paternissimo finally retires.


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