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Monday, October 06, 2008


From James...

With Iowa dispatched, there is an interesting showdown next week of Purple power vs El Sparto.

Is this a whole new Sparty? 6 games in...isn't it time for the Spartan trainwreck? A heartbreaking triple overtime shootout vs the Wildcats, only to follow it up with a coulda shoulda woulda rally against the Buckeyes? Fascinating stuff.

How many of you are following the Wildcataganda and thinking that this could be the year of the nerds? With Vandy cracking the top 10 (well I think they will but who knows), could purple power run wild? Is this 1995 all over again?

What I find most interesting is the way State has hidden under the radar all year. After that manhandling by Cal to open the season, they have become the more consistent team in Michigan. Of course, with any Spartan season I feel that they are one heartbreaking loss away from jumping the tracks and quiting in the midst of a tailspin.

With the Wildcats, this is even more exciting for them because they are off to an even better start than they had in 1995. It will be interesting to see what they do against Illinois, and Ohio State. Furthermore, the stars seem to align in their favor as they don't have to play Penn State or Wisconsin this year.


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