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Saturday, December 20, 2008


I emailed Rich at DePaul to let him know that Angela and I were getting married. Here is how the emails unfolded...

Hey there,

Not sure if this email works or what. But anyways, I am going to marry Angela on November 28 in Grand Rapids.

If you are going to be in town, it would be great to have you come to the wedding and reception.

You can email me back or call me...


To which he wrote...

Holy Crap! How did that happen?

Congratulations Tony. I was on vacation last week so I’m just catching up on my work e-mails now. This is pretty unexpected…..I’m sure that there is a good story behind this turn of events.

Sorry to say but I already have firm plans in Chicago and won’t be in Michigan on the 28th.

I thought the last thing that I heard about you was that you got VD during a 3-way in a Jacuzzi at a U of M party that got out of control…I’m sure that story was somewhat exaggerated but still, marriage is a big move forward.

Congratulations again and give my best to Angie.

I’m sure that you’re super busy with last minute wedding stuff but drop me a line sometime in the not too distant future and we’ll catch up. I still work at DePaul so it’s fine to use this e-mail address.


Funny, how in such a short bit of space he was able to cut through the BS and find a way of accusing me of having VD. Im surprised that he didn't mention the White Caps, Dan's driving, and getting his money back from that bitch (ugh).


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