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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Nashville has had a buzz about it all week. No, it's not the CMA's. Tomorrow is the big showdown between Tennessee and Baltimore. Friday was a code blue, so Tondar dressed in green (whatever). I have to admit I have become a bigtime Titans fan given the demise of the Lions and my move out of Atlanta corresponding to the fall of Michael Vick and the rise of Vince Young. I've got the rug in Le Gran Salon. And I've seen nearly every game this year. I won't get into how ridiculous it is that the top seeded Titans have to play Baltimore instead of 9-8 San Diego. However, I think the Titans will take care of business.

Personally, my plan for the day is to let Pooplet sleep in and then keep her up until 3pm. At that point she gets her nap, and daddy gets his football (and maybe some nachos).

As for the game, these teams appear close on paper. However, there are 2 factors that seem to be overlooked. First, it will be a HUGE test for Joe Flacco to face a Tennessee-like defense. I imagine he will look like a rookie, just like Matt Ryan did in Arizona. Secondly, Baltimore looked a little too good against a mediocre Miami team. I think there's a little too much hype for Ed Reed and the Ravens defense following the unraveling of Chad Pennington. In Nashville, Kerry Collins has spent the week preparing for Ed Reed. The Titans defensive line is finally healthy. Their running game is comparable to the Giants as the best in football. I just don't think Baltimore has the chance that the pundarati have given them.

One other note: you may remember that Vince Young was benched in the first game. Wouldn't that be something if Jeff Fisher drags him into the backfield in a variation of the Wildcat Offense run by Miami. You're correct to point out that Miami's Wildcat didn't do so well last week. However, as Florida pointed out Thursday, it is all about the talent. I would take Vince Young over any other dual threat quarterback that is not in jail. Just the addition of him to the backfield is going to open up options for both screen passes or for long passes down the field. Whichever the Ravens cover, Collins is competent to find the other.

I'm not a football pundit, but the point of a blog is to put yourself out there so here I go...

Baltimore 10 Tennessee 27

And the Titans really tack on the points in the 4th quarter as their running game takes off and the Pooplet wakes up.


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