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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Now that Dr. Wife has started going to work before 6. I often try to get up with her and get a jump on my day. For the last 4 weeks, the Big Ten Network has been showing Michigan games at 6am. However, before we get all excited, it should be noted that for the first 3 weeks, it was all about Michigan hate. It's amazing that the BTN can repeatedly find the losses for the winningest program in college football history. Things started the week of the MSU game with UM vs. MSU in the notorious clock game of 2001. On the day of the Iowa game, they dug up Michigan's debacle of 2003. The following week, during a bye, they even pulled up the 2005 Little Brown download featuring Minnesota's unstoppable draw plays. Right now in anticipation of today's PSU game, they are showing the Nitany Lion overtime thriller from 2002. The nice thing about this game is that I missed it the first time around since I was visiting Pigpen in the UP. But unlike the last 3 weeks, this is a game Michigan will go on to win 27-24.

I am not sure who the Buckeye at the BTN is that motivates them to repeatedly poop on Michigan every Saturday. But it's nice that they can find it in their heart to let us see one of Big Blue's 882 wins.


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