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Saturday, February 19, 2011


As I write this, I am attempting to download the end of Mel Gibson's latest movie, Edge of Darkness. While watching the film, I enjoyed it. But in retrospect it's pretty much a rehashed combination of Conspiracy Theory, The Patriot, and Payback, not that there is anything wrong with that. Mel Gibson movies have a certain swagger and intelligence that seems missing in today's films.

The sad part is that due to Gibson's unfortunate comments, self-destructive behavior, and an over-blown battle with Jewish Americans over the intent of The Passion, his career and ability to make and star in movies has been diminished. The sad part is that Gibson is the only one held to this higher standard. Charlie Sheen can repeatedly and delightfully hit rock bottom. Sean Penn can cozy up to the most prominent dictator of our day, yet in the end they are allowed to work. People don't care about their crazy streaks. Their work is allowed to stand on its own.

What Gibson needs now more than anything is a comeback statement movie. In the tradition of Rocky VI and Indy 4, we need a Mad Max 4. This is the perfect vehicle to revitalize his career. Something where the Man With No Name has been wasting away in a post-apocalyptic prison. He then escapes to become the savior of a New Australia, which would nicely wrap up the series.