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Friday, June 24, 2011


From James...

"During the approximate (eight) phone calls, Lionel spoke of the CIA and how he wanted the (police) to pay for his room at the Oceanaire Motel," an affidavit states.

Police say Johnson, encountered in an alleyway behind the motel, told "stories about the CIA hiring him as an undercover agent and told the (police) officers present that they were 'sexy.'"

"Suddenly he lifted a glass bottle covered with a brown paper bag out of his back pack, unscrewed the cap and took a drink from it," the affidavit states.

The bottle was one of Wild Irish Rose, an economy fortified wine unlikely to be found at some of the world's finest restaurants.

Made of a blend of Labrusca and Vinifera grapes, Wild Irish Rose can belionel_johnson_side.jpg mixed with Faygo grape soda in a libation known as "Purple Jesus #3," according to a brand reference sheet and

The thing about Richard's Rage Watch is that for the most part it usually didn't include Richard's Wild Irish Rose. I can't say that this is any more bizarre than some of the other things that have made the news over the years. What is interesting is the way the story actually informed the reader about Richard's.

For ole Tondar, I actually haven't had any Richard's for about a year (Kentucky 2010). These days, I am drinking mostly beer and Spanish brandy. After reading this story, I do have a bit of an urge to ride the snake once again. However, for a father of 2 little girls, that's just too much of a bad idea, even for the Destroyer.

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